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Nestle to return Maggi noodles to shelves in India

November 4, 2015
The Institute of Food Safety Integrity and Protection

Nestle has announced that it plans to reintroduce Maggi noodles back into the Indian market after tests reveal they do not contain the lead levels that food regulators claimed were present.

IndiaNestleFood contaminationFood Signposts

China officials reverse dairy recall

November 4, 2015
The Institute of Food Safety Integrity and Protection

Food safety officials have sown confusion across China after ordering the immediate recall of dairy products from a high profile dairy producer that appear to have subsequently been perfectly safe.

ChinaDairyProducerFood Signposts

UK ad authority rules on Polish website

November 4, 2015
The Institute of Food Safety Integrity and Protection

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has ruled against a UK food producer advertising on a Polish language website arguing that it is making unproven slimming claims.

PolandAdvertisingWeight reductionFood Signposts

Expert in the Spotlight: Helen Darling

October 15, 2015
Helen Darling

Helen Darling discusses the challenges and opportunities for food safety practices within China.

Food safety practicesChinapathogensfood preparationExpert in the Spotlight

New York hygiene rating drives up standards

October 9, 2015
The Institute of Food Safety Integrity and Protection
New research has revealed that a food hygiene letter-grading scheme introduced in New York in 2010 has driven up hygiene standards and is proving an effective regulatory approach.

food researchfood hygienefood standardsfood regulationNYCFood Signposts

China Health Food Legislative Reform

August 20, 2015
ChemLinked Food Portal

This article considers the potential impact of the new regulatory framework for health foods in China

ChinaFood SafetyHealth foods

Major change to US food safety laws set to impact exporters

July 20, 2015
Stuart Spear
Companies exporting foods to America need to prepare for a major reform in import rules as the USA imposes tough prevention controls in a bid to cut sky-high food poisoning rates. Stuart Spear reports.

FDAFSMAfood importsfood poisoningHARPCHACCP

National policies improving the nutritional quality of the food supply

July 17, 2015
Anna Savelyeva

Many national policies have been implemented globally to improve the nutritional quality of the whole food supply and reduce and prevent diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This article looks at several countries around the world which are tackling NCDs with a variety of different policy levers.

Food PolicySalt reductionNCDCollaborationFood supply chain

Government and food industry responses to food safety risks in China: the case of Anhui province

May 14, 2015
Hengqiu Xu, Anhui Food and Drug Administration, and Zhuo Chen, The China Health Policy and Management Society
Food scares in China in the past decades have created health, economic and social problems. They have also eroded consumers’ trust.

In this article, Professor Hengqiu Xu and Zhuo Chen examine the future prospects for change. In particular they provide insights on how Anhui Food and Drug Administration is addressing the issue of food safety.

Chinafood safetyAnhui provincesanluinfant formulamelaminescandalregulationgovernmentindustrytrainer

Law change on genetically modified (GM) crops pleases no-one

April 20, 2015
David Burrows
EU rules on genetically modified (GM) crops are changing. But does that change political and public opinion which tends to shun GM crops? David Burrows reports.

Genetically ModifiedGM cropsGMOFood PolicyEuropean Commissionfood regulationFSAEFSAWTOWHO

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