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New hospital food outlet table aims to boost standards

November 18, 2016

The campaign group Sustain has produced a league table of outlets selling the healthiest food in hospitals in a bid to drive up standards.

Sustainhospital foodoutletshealthier foodtargetsNHS England

Scotland outlines progress in improving nutrition

November 18, 2016

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has updated its Board on the latest activities aimed at improving diet and nutrition in Scotland.

Scotlandnutritionfoodindustryengagementpersonal responsibilitygovernmentreformulationpromotionmarketingout of home foodcalories

PHE publishes takeaway food map

November 17, 2016

Public Health England (PHE) has published new data showing the density of fast food outlets across the country in a bid to help councils cut rising obesity rates.

PHEfoodtakeawaymapfast food outletsdensity

Plates, pyramids and rainbows – graphic models for healthy eating

November 17, 2016
Dr Toni Steer

Earlier this year the UK Government revised its healthy eating model the ‘Eatwell Plate’ (NHS Choices, 2016); a tool designed to help translate the complex and sometimes contradictory nutrition science into simple food based messages for the public. Not all countries use a plate model as we do in the UK, however, whether its plates, pyramids or even rainbow models, they all aim to support individuals make healthier food choices. This feature will explore the different graphic food models used across the globe.

healthy eatinggraphic modelsEatwellfooddietary guidelinesnutritionplatespyramids

Government agrees clearer sugar labelling

October 18, 2016

The Government plans to develop clearer visual labeling for packaging based on a teaspoon logo or sugar cube to alert consumers about sugar content in products in line with new intake recommendations.

Sugarvisual labellinglogochildrennutritional guidelinesschoolsSelect Committee

Industry sugar cuts outlined with calories and saturated fats next

October 18, 2016

Public Health England has spelt out to food industry representatives, health charities and campaign groups its expectations in terms of reformulation including a 20 per cent cut in sugar for most commonly eaten foods.

Sugarindustrychildhood obesitysaltcaloriesfats

PHE publishes latest health profiles for England regions

October 18, 2016

Public Health England has published its 2016 health profiles for England, which highlight 31 key indicators that impact on health by local authority.

Health profileplanresourcesEnglandPHE

Half of low-income earnings spent on healthy eating

October 18, 2016

New research has revealed that eating healthily in Northern Ireland (NI) will take up almost half of the total earnings of a low-income family.

HealthyeatingNorthern Irelandlow incomefoodFood Standards Agencyfood poverty

Sugar: new recommendations for intake, what are the challenges?

October 17, 2016
Toni Steer

Reducing consumption of sugar in the population now has Government backing. The changes are informed by a report published last year by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN, 2015). The report reviewed the strengthening evidence for a relationship between sugars and the risk of ill-health.

The main recommendation is to shift the population average intake of free sugars down to no more than 5% of total dietary energy intake. This article looks at some of the potential challenges for stakeholders when it comes to implementing and acting on these new recommendations.

Free sugarsNMESsugarsSACNhealthGovernmentfood business

Health a key factor in food purchasing

September 20, 2016
The Institute of Food Safety Integrity and Protection

How healthy food is appears to be the number one concern for consumers when it comes to purchasing decisions according to the most recent British Social Attitudes survey on the food chain.

Foodtrustsafetysurveyhealthygovernmentinspectorsmediapublic health

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