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Food Safety and Hygiene



Raising the profile of Port Health food safety controls

January 27, 2017
Martin Walker, Port Health Officer, Suffolk Coastal Health Authority

Port Health Officers were keen to be represented at the Regulating our Future meetings as we are very much a niche area of food safety control.

High time for shift to low carbon diets

November 25, 2016
The food community of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Food consumption needs to be part of the dialogue on climate change, but policymakers don’t yet see it that way, says David Burrows.

Climate changecarbonlabelstaxdiets greenhouse gas

Question mark over mandatory FHRS for England

November 22, 2016
Stuart Spear

At a joint CIEH and British Hospitality Association food conference this month delegates heard ar-guments for and against the introduction of a mandatory FHRS in England. Stuart Spear explores industry and regulator concerns.

Food Hygiene Rating SchemeFHRSEnglandmandatoryBHAMitchells and Butlersregulating our futureappealsconsistencyinspectionsFSAWalesPrimary Authority

The Procrustean bed of food enforcement – can one size really fit all now?

November 18, 2016
Glenn Taylor

New tools are emerging, such as food fingerprinting and rapid extraction techniques, which should help make food enforcement more effective. Alongside this there is an increasing understanding that there is no “one size fits all approach” to enforcement. To be effective some tailoring is required. This article examines the growing opportunities to shift the way we consider how we manage food law compliance.

Procrusteanfoodemerging techniqueslawtechniquesauthenticity

Latest Food Safety Signposts - November 2016

November 18, 2016

These are the latest monthly food safety signposts of consultations, reports and guidance, and legislation from the UK and the EU. These includes: Lords outline scrutiny process for Brexit, Salmonella outbreak linked to Polish beef burgers from a food bank, Government claims business will be at the heart of Brexit, Businesses rank EHOs top for regulatory performance, Scotland to consider mandatory food hygiene rating scheme, ACMSF uncertain on link between MAP and Crohn’s disease, Food hygiene rating mandatory in N Ireland.

Food hygiene ratingmandatoryNorthern IrelandHouse of LordsBrexitscrutinyGovernmentParliamentCommitteeSalmonella enteritidisbeef burgersPolishfood bankoutbreakbusinesslegislationrepealEUUKBusinessEHOregulationperceptionBEISScotlandFSSFood Hygiene Information schemeratingMycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosisMAPACMSFriskuncertainty

ACMSF considers report on STEC surveillance, detection and outbreak trends

November 17, 2016

The Government’s Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food has recently considered a report from Public Health England on shiga toxin producing E.coli surveillance, detection and outbreak trends.

ACMSFSTECEcolioutbreakstrendssurveillancewhole genome sequencingtoxinsPHE

TACCP and VACCP – Refreshing Additions in the Armoury of Management Tools to Keep Food Safe

October 24, 2016
Dr Belinda Stuart-Moonlight

Have you ever been a part of a HACCP team and thought, there are some hazards that we just can’t include because they seem so unlikely, outrageous or unquantifiable? I’m thinking for example of a biological hazard – a malicious attack through the water system, a similar sabotage with crushed glass or a fraud like horsemeat. I have. For years I’ve felt uncomfortable working with manufacturers’ and not being able to really characterise the wider range of potential hazards that food factories face.


Acrylamide debate reaches boiling point

October 21, 2016
David Burrows

Proposals for a new EU law to help reduce levels of a potentially carcinogenic contaminant found in many cooked foods have been branded “meaningless” by campaigners. David Burrows reports.


Latest Food Safety Signposts - October 2016

October 20, 2016
The Institute of Food Safety Integrity and Protection

These are the latest monthly food safety signposts of consultations, reports and guidance, and legislation from the UK and the EU. This includes: FSA warning over anti-microbial resistance in food. Call for industry to better combat emerging pathogens. Food Standards Agency update on future regulation.

FSAFood Standards Agencyanti-microbialresistancefooddeathsantibioticscolistinE.coliEmergingpathogensmeatpoultryE.coli O157AmericafuturereviewBrexitFHRS

LIFE: the key ingredient for food compliance

October 18, 2016
Glenn Taylor

Amongst the many ingredients needed to ensure compliant food the most important are: Leadership, Intelligence, Funding and Engagement– LIFE.

Food safetystandardsharmonisationconsumer demandglobalWorld Health OrganisationEUrisk

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