Areas of Focus


Welcome to CIEH Food


Who we are

CIEH Food (formerly TiFSiP) is an inclusive membership community, created to bring together all parts of the food sector that work to keep food safe, healthy and trustworthy in order to ensure consumers are properly protected from harm.

Our mission is to provide the information, advice and support needed by our professional members as well as to develop pioneering ways for sectors to work together to find practical solutions to new and existing problems. Collaborative action is a key part of our initiatives.

What we do

Analyse information – digesting it and sharing key highlights via articles, newsletters, infographics and more.

Create resources to help tackle current issues – covering a wide range of subjects, such as food fraud, allergens and more with good practice advice, guides and toolkits.

Provide support – through curating information, regular Q & A sessions with experts in the field and more.

Host events and workshops – on new and upcoming issues with insight from across food sectors.

Connect our members, across sectoral boundaries – via face to face events and collaborative projects.